The Basic Rules for Event Videography

The Basic Rules for Event Videography

There are basic rules to follow regarding event videography in Dubai. Composition rules, lighting, and music are just a few of the key components of your shot list. Follow these tips to ensure the best results at your next event. And remember to experiment! Try these simple tips to create the best event video you can imagine. They may save you a ton of money and frustration in the long run.

Composition rules

The rule of thirds applies to both static and moving images, but it is especially important to master these principles for event videography. This is especially true for photographers, who must apply the main rules of composition while shooting under varying lighting conditions. There is no single correct way to compose a photo, so it is important to use your judgment and experiment with different angles and compositions to achieve the best results. However, some compositional rules should be followed to ensure that your images look great.

The use of lighting

When it comes to event videography, you should start early. Arriving early will allow you to learn about the venue and the lighting conditions. Also, you’ll have enough time to set up your camera and lighting. Having a good set of cameras is essential for quality video production. Whether you’re using video cameras or smartphones, you’ll want to know some basic rules about event videography.


One of the most important things to remember when planning event videography is that music is essential for conveying emotion. For best results, music should be simple and repetitive and composed of a complementary instrument. You can use ambient music or the human voice to create a complementary tone. Below is a chart illustrating how different musical frequencies can create different moods? You can also use pauses to highlight the important moments in the event, but remember to stick to a consistent rhythm.

Shot list

An event videographer should make a shot list for each of the different touchpoints. They should also be aware of the lighting conditions and other event specifics. A shortlist will make shooting an event much easier and help them focus on creating creative images. Even if your event is small, a good shot list will help you get the most out of your video. A shot list can also be a useful guide when choosing the right equipment.