Reasons Why Migrate To Poland

Reasons Why Migrate To Poland

If you are considering relocating to another country, you might be wondering what the best reasons to migrate to Poland from UAE are? In this article, we’ll explore the language, health care system, Polish culture, and the tax cuts for women. You may also be interested in the tax cuts for women in the workplace. These are all excellent reasons to move to Poland. But what’s more, there are many others!

Polish culture:

Its culture is among the many reasons people want to migrate to Poland. The Polish family system is typically nuclear and patriarchal. But despite the strong family ties, many Poles have learned to adapt to the polish way of life. The first wave of immigrants generally had male children, who were the family’s breadwinners. And as a result, women played an increasingly important role in extra-familial life.

Tax cut for women in work:

The Tax cut for women in work when migrating to Poland is a welcomed development. Many young Polish people have moved abroad in search of better salaries, and the new law aims to reduce this gap by encouraging more Poles to stay in their home country. However, the tax break is unlikely to stop migrants from continuing to leave the country, as salaries in Poland remain significantly higher than those in other countries. This tax break is part of a broader package of welfare handouts that have won strong support from voters and raised concerns about the strains the package may have on the country’s finances.

Another tax cut for migrants is the removal of income tax for workers under the age of 26. This law is meant to discourage brain drain, an especially pressing problem in Poland. The new law will exempt young workers earning less than 85,528 zlotych ($22,547) per year from paying 18 per cent income tax. The new law is expected to increase the earnings of nearly two million Poles and persuade many of them to return to their homeland.

Polish health system:

One of the major reasons for people to migrate to Poland is the country’s excellent healthcare system. The Polish health system has many advantages over other countries, and the latest trends consider these. The NHF, the National Health Fund, is a monopoly that provides medical insurance. This system requires extensive knowledge of the population’s health needs and supply capacity, and various political factions heavily influence its policies.