Kinds of influencers

Kinds of influencers

The market of influencers has become greatly successful. You must have heard about what an influencer is and the work they do. But, you might not have an idea that there are kinds of influencers.

So, today, you will get to know about the three most important and popular kinds of influencers.

  1. Mega influencers: Mega and top influencers in UAE have greater than millions of supporters and followers. The mega influencers can be greatly seen on social media platforms because of the fact that they have a status like celebrities. Also, the mega influencers are very lively and energetic on social media platforms. The reason to this is that, the viewers are most of the times available on their social media accounts and the viewers create or bring about a huge amount of captivation and fascination. This is the reason the influencers become captivating and attractive to companies as well as brands that wish to take advantage of influencer marketing and because of this they are quite expensive.
  2. Micro influencers: Micro influencers doesn’t have a lot of following but companies and brands normally take these kinds of influencers as quite effective if we talk about association and trustworthiness. The reason of this is that micro influencers have quite a close connection and association with the following they have and they are very much gravitated towards being niche specific.

The content posted by the micro influencers is not very captivating but is quite real and original than the content from any other kind of influencer. This might have an impact on the quantity or level of success a company or brand faces by the help of influencers, based upon the goals and aims of the business.

  • Macro influencers: Macro influencers are somewhat considered as celebrities, personalities of TV, athletes, or even leaders, etc. Since, they can support their good name in order to make followers on the platforms of social media, the companies and brands can look forward to tags of high charges.

You have to keep in mind that the content of macro influencers is quite professional. Also, many brands consider macro influencers because they think that they are suitable for their viewers as well as for their aims and objectives.

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